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We take pride in offering long-term client relationships—our massage center in Chennai provides full-service body-to-body massage.

Why Select Us-

Hugmespa has become a one-stop destination for those who wish to relax their mind while enjoying the duration of the massage session. Nowadays, massage is becoming an integral part of everyone’s life. People feel good through massage and they get positive energy from it.

The main focus of our zone is to target the source of muscle pain and then sort it out by providing premium quality services under one roof. It is said that Hugmespa is one of the renowned Spa massage centers near me. Our massage therapists are expert and skilled personnel and focus on the vital part of the clients so that they feel better after a few massage sessions from our Centre.

In other words, we provide fast and easy services at a fixed price. There is no hidden price. Hugmespa is poles apart from others because we have vast rooms well-furnished with hot showers, candles, and sensual music which gives a soothing environment all around. Furthermore, we keep the secrecy of our client’s identities because it is a confidential part.

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Our Services

happy ending service

Happy Ending: -

It is the best way of massage. A happy ending defines the entire body massage and it brings immense relaxation during the session,,,.

Nude Massage

Nude Massage: -

Our massage therapy is quite different from others because we take care of our hottest girls along with clients so that they don’t face any issues in our center,,,.

Body to Body Massage

Body to Body Massage: -

Anyone can pamper themselves through therapeutic body-to-body massage. Our therapists are elegant and hottest in every aspect to provide top-notch services,,,.

18+ Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage: -

On the other hand, we provide all amenities in our center. Every individual prefers private space or room with unique possibilities,,,.

erotic massage

Erotic massage: -

Hugmespa is a well-equipped erotic massage center in Chennai. Individuals will get a combination of sexy girls in our center. They have beauty with brains,,,.

dinner date

Female To Male Spa: -

A sexy touch feels like heaven. Our massage girls have sexy look that increases sensuality from time to time. Our existing clients gathered a,,,.

Best Massage Therapist Chennai

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Benefits Of Female To Male Body Massage Centre Chennai

Our female to male body massage allows you to relax your mind in every aspect. This message is very complicated and we didn’t give any brief training to our gorgeous girls because we think that they are our masterminds. If we don’t focus on our work, we will lose our clients forever.

From the very beginning, our girls treat you as a royal or queen and they use their soft hands to make you feel free from everything. Our floor manager takes care of everything to the clients’ delight. Through this massage, the body receives immunity and it reduces fatigue. Even, our therapists pay attention to their sensual zone.

Massage is needed for your healthy heart. Apart from this, female-to-body massage releases muscle tension easily from our body so that we can feel betterment after a tight schedule in a day.

How To Find The Best Body To Body Massage Centre?

Have you ever visited a super luxury body-to-body massage centre in Chennai? If not, then you can come to your nearby Spa Centre named Hugmespa. It can be beyond imagination. Without overthinking it, just visit and see their ambiance, packages, and professionalism.

If you want to search for a neat and clean massage center, Hugmespa can be your best solution forever because we maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness. After every session, we change the floor mat, towel, water bowl, bedsheet, and other necessary items as well. In addition to that, our manager arranges soft music and low lightening in our specific area. Hence, people who come to our place, feel tranquillity around there.


If you want to take the best deal off our massage lists, we will personally recommend that you can opt for erotic massage from our bucket list. It is known as sensual or sexual massage. For clients’ erotic pleasure, our professional ladies apply a special technique to their erogenous areas.

This massage increases sexual excitation or orgasm during therapy. It is sexual arousal as well as deep pleasure. Erotic massage plays an integral part in heightening the intimacy between couple or two partners. Although erotic massage has to be done by two-person getting sexual relief. Our professionals will not offer this sexual act in our place.

What Is Nuru Massage And What Benefits:-

Typically, ‘Nuru’ this term comes from a Japanese word. Unlike others, Nuru massage has become a trend among people. In general, high-profile people come to our place for taking a Nuru massage from our gorgeous girls. Without intercourse, two partners can foreplay through Nuru massage.

Touches and sensations are being offered by partners. Our expert therapists help them out around their sensual zones. Partners can uncover their bodies and use ultra-slippery gel. This gel is used to rub, grind and stroke their body parts to give them high sensations in every aspect.

Body Massage for Males and Females in Chennai

A full body massage can bring numerous advantages, both physically and psychologically. The Chennai massage center, a professional massage therapists say that regular massage can improve sleep quality, boosts energy levels and improves concentration, as well as less fatigue. In Chennai massage centre we provide authentic massage services. Everyone can the benefits of traditional massages in a tranquil surroundings.

Male to female massage center in Chennai- We offer female-to-male massage centres in Chennai. We are providing different types of massages to relieve stress and help to make the body feel rejuvenated and fresh. It is among the top massage centers in Chennai. Most of our clients are interested in the male to female massage. The female therapists of Chennai utilize various types of essential herbs oil that rehydrates the body and boosts immunity. A full body massage from male to female provides the clients a peaceful atmosphere using the most appropriate method. The therapist gently massages the clients all over their body to ease your nervous system. They ease the muscles of pain and remove all tension out of the body. This massage is a chance for customers to totally relaxed as it is a sensual massage clients are able to enjoy an opportunity to relax and enjoy lots, as well as feeling fresh and rejuvenated for a long period of time.

Massage Session: The massage session lasts one hour, and comes with shower, steam and a happy ending.
In male to female body massage, the Chennai massage center has well-trained lovely therapists who can reduce the soreness of muscles and increase circulation of blood throughout the body. They provide all the services to meet demands of the customer. Clients feel rejuvenated from all the way from head to toe.
Other benefits include: Increases flexibility, improves posture, ease migraine and tension. Everyone should be taking massages regularly to remain slim and healthy for a long time.

Pricing Plan

Classic Package

60 mins Rs: 3999 /Month
  • Short Duration
  • one Session

Business Package

90 mins Rs: 5999 /Month
  • Short Duration
  • Two Session

Premium Plan

Hr Rs: /Month
  • Long Duration
  • Three Session

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While there are many body Massage Spas within Chennai Ours is different from the rest because our Services are truly sensual.

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While there are many body Massage Spas within Chennai Ours is different from the rest because our Services are truly sensual.

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While there are many body Massage Spas within Chennai Ours is different from the rest because our Services are truly sensual.

Our Promise to You

At the Hugme Spa we devote our energy and time to making sure that each moment you spend with us will be a complete success.

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